Get Involved

There are many ways of getting involved at the Sustainability Academy: [Please note: 2020-2021 will be a different year, where volunteers may not be allowed inside the building, due to COVID-19 precautions.]

Overview of our Room Parent Program 

Room Parent Role
A room parent’s basic responsibility is to assist their classroom teacher in promoting parent/family involvement in class and school-wide activities.  Much of what a room parent will do depends on the needs articulated by the classroom teacher, along with the room parent’s time and talents. Every room parent and teacher combination will be unique. 

Time Required
The level of involvement of room parents can vary widely, but most room parents work less than 15 hours per school year on that job.

General Activities

Promoting communication—Depending on the level of communication from teachers to parents, it can be helpful if room parents periodically remind parents of upcoming school/class activities or resource needs.  Room parents can encourage family involvement via email, phone, and in-person contacts. 

Acting as a resource—A room parent can be a point person about school activities, ways to get involved, who to talk to about what, etc. Therefore, it is important for room parents to read newsletters, emails, and other communications from classroom teachers, the principal, and the PTO.

Coordinating classroom assistance—Depending on the needs of individual teachers, room parents can help with—

  • class parties (coordinating refreshments, coordinating set up and clean up, help with games or other activities), 
  • field trips (help find chaperones), 
  • finding volunteers to assist with class projects/displays of student work or daily activities as requested by teachers, or
  • getting classroom supplies or other technical assistance (e.g., sewing or building something) from families or others.

Staff appreciation—Many room parents offer to coordinate a holiday and/or end-of-year gift for their teacher, student teachers, or classroom aides if families are interested in this.

Interested in helping or want to know who your Room Parent is? Contact our Room Parent Coordinator, Christin Pounds: christin[dot]pounds[at]gmail[dot]com